Mid-Size Screens Rule

April 6, 2013 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: Website Design

I just read an interesting article on SlashGear about a report from Flurry regarding the  increasing number of mobile devices and their usage. Flurry recently issued a report looking at form factors and screen sizes that are most commonly used by consumers around the world, and focused on the top 200 device models measured by active users via the Flurry system representing more than 80% of all recorded usage.

They looked at five specific device groups that emerged based on screen size; devices with screens 3.5-inches or under (small phones), screens of 3.5-inches to 4.9-inches(mid-sized phones), screens of 5.0-inches to 6.9-inches (phablets), screens seven-inches to 8.4-inches (small tablets), and screens 8.5-inches and larger (full size tablets).

Here’s the conclusion:

“The report found that mid-sized smartphones dominate the mobile device landscape. Medium screen devices, such as the iPhone, account for 69% of all devices used. According to the company, 16% of all devices have screen sizes that are 3.5-inches or less in diagonal length. Phones in that size range include most BlackBerry devices on the market today. Only about 2% of all devices used fall into the phablet realm. Small tablets like the Kindle Fire and iPad mini account for 6% of all devices used with full-size tablets such as the iPad accounting for 7% of devices used.”

How does your website look and behave on an iPhone or the new Blackberry? Chances are good that if it’s hard to use or hard to read on those devices, your bounce rate is high, and you’re not generating the leads that you could be generating.



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