Google’s Mobile URL Display Change, and What To Do About It

April 23, 2015 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: Uncategorized

On April 16th, Google announced that they are going to change the way they display URLs in mobile search results. According to the blog post, this change is for a “Better presentation of URLs in search results.”

Essentially, the website name will be used instead of the domain name, and the URL will be likeĀ  breadcrumbs. Here are some great examples from Yoast’s plog post that show how things will be changed:


Google Mobile Search Result before


Google Mobile Search Result after

So, What Do You Need To Do About This?

Well, if you have a WordPress site, and use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin version 2.1, You’ll be able to enter a website name and and alternate name for Google to use. If you have a static site, don’t worry, the code is easy to implement and test. Google has a page of easy instructions on how to include your site name in search results. You have the option of copying and pasting a few lines of JSON-LD script, or even less lines of microdata, and then adding your site name and URL. Boom. Done.

You can then verify that your markup is correct and can be processed by Google using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. The validator will indicate if your markup is good, or contains errors in the syntax.

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