Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

November 19, 2013 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: Search-Engine Optimization,Small Business Strategies

Read some interesting information regarding digital marketing trends for 2014 from our friend Weaks McKinney-Smith of Media Venue yesterday. Take a look at these stats:

Television Tablet screen penetration within households will continue to grow at a rapid pace…nationwide it is expected to reach 48% by the beginning of 2014. Tablets are changing the way consumers watch television and networks -especially local stations.
Radio Radio has always been an “on-the-go” medium and today that has never been truer. The average time spent listening to ‘terrestrial’ radio is 2 hours per day. The average online radio listenership is now 1.75 hours per day According to a report by Kelly Scott Madison, 45% of Persons 12+ have listened to online radio in the past month while 33% have listened in the last week.
Print Digital subscriptions are growing, up to 2.4% of total circulation (over 1% a year ago).  Some publishers offer digital subscriptions for free with a paid print order while others are bundling the print and digital (including tablet and smartphone access).
Mobile Mobile is forecast to overtake fixed internet access and based on the number of Smart phone owners (projected 24% of the world’s population by 2014) it will happen sooner than later. Projections indicate an increase in M-commerce.
Search Engine Optimization In 2014, content will continue to reign superior. Search engines will continue to favor companies that supply relevant content throughout all of their digital marketing channels.
Search Engine Marketing Site Re-targeting and Search Re-targeting will continue to rise in popularity. Re-targeting allows for display ads to be placed on network websites in front of target prospects who have searched related keywords relevant to your business or those who have visited your website.
Social Social media will no longer be an option, but a must. (Without a social media presence, your business will be viewed as outdated and/or irrelevant).  Social media is the new word-of-mouth.
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2013 was an interesting year for marketing. Looks like 2014 will be even more so.

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