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WordPress Attacks Way Up in December

January 9, 2017 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: Security,Wordpress

I just read a new report from our friends at Wordfence regarding WordPress attacks in December, and it confirms what we’ve been seeing on our network of sites. Wordfence is a brilliant security plugin that provides free enterprise-class WordPress security. According to the report, Wordfence tracked 63 million complex attacks and 67 million brute force attacks […]

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AMP UP Your Blog and Reap Big Benefits

December 13, 2016 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: News,Search-Engine Optimization,Small Business Strategies,Web Marketing

If you are running a blog on your website, you already know that providing a steady stream of new quality content to Google is a good move. But what if I told you you could potentially see even more traffic with a quick update?

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Managing Multiple WordPress Websites

August 16, 2016 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: Website Maintenance

If you are managing multiple WordPress websites, this article is for you. Managing updates, plugin updates, and theme updates on one site is easy enough, but multiply that by 20 or 30, and it gets to be a real headache. We manage 40+ WordPress sites, and over the years I have tried several apps to […]

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2016 Email Marketing Still a Great Return-On-Investment

June 23, 2016 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: email marketing

Every year, Econsultancy surveys marketers for it’s Email Marketing Industry Census. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the survey. If you are looking for a quick conclusion, guess what? Email marketing is still a GREAT investment for your marketing dollars. Let’s take a look at few Charts from the survey. Email Marketing Still Gets A […]

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Frustrated trying to understand website performance?

May 26, 2016 | Written by: Jeffrey Friend | Filed under: Google Analytics,Small Business Strategies,Web Marketing

If you are like most business owners, understanding your website performance is not easy. Google Analytics is a great tool, but it can be frustrating and confusing. The depth of information it collects about your website is truly astounding. Unfortunately, understanding what all that data means is another story. That’s where Quill Engage can help. Understanding Website […]

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