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Years of experience in marketing, business and customer service

Founded in 2003, Forward Media Group specializes in website design & developement, email marketing, and establishing long term relationships with our Clients. Putting years of experience in marketing, business and customer service to work for small to medium sized businesses though out the Dayton region, we deliver unique, mobile-friendly, findable websites and email marketing campaigns that help move your business objectives forward.

The Forward Media Team...

  • LinkedIn Jeffrey Friend - Partner & Creative Director

    Jeffrey Friend

    As Creative Director and Project Manager, Jeff directs Forward Media Group’s creative and technical expertise to develop a powerful Internet presence for each client. Known as a “musician’s musician” who is proficient with drums, keyboard, guitar and percussion, Jeff began his career as a jingle writer and audio producer for leading advertising and marketing companies. Among other things, this gave him the opportunity to work with such diverse artists as Doc Severinsen, BB King and Florence Henderson. For 10 years Jeff ran his own recording studio providing audio tracks and original jingles for TV and radio commercials, and for corporate video productions. In the late 1990’s he became interested in Web site development, learned the tools and techniques, and built his first commercial site in 1998. In 2003, with wife Debra and good friend Ben Callahan, Jeff founded Forward Media Group to focus full-time on applying web technology to helping customers achieve their organizations’ goals.

  • LinkedIn Debra Friend - Managing Partner

    Debra Friend

    Debra's business acumen was honed through 30 years serving in national and regional companies. Her responsibilities ranged from purchasing and department supervision, to quality assurance management. The latter included implementing ISO compliance processes and developing continuous improvement programs. The essence of Debra’s business philosophy is to focus on team building within an organization and establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers. To this end, Debra seeks to learn all she can about client companies and help them find new ways to achieve their goals. Internally, some have likened managing a team of highly creative designers, programmers and writers to herding cats. Fortunately, Debra is adept at efficiently directing this array of talent to serve the needs of the clients. When not working on customer issues, Debra enjoys creative cooking and staying in close touch with her two adult daughters.

  • Abby Ramos - Writer

    Abby Ramos

    Stringing together the right words for a Web site is no easy task. Fortunately, Abby has a wide range of experience addressing diverse audiences for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Abby earned a BA in Urban and Public Affairs from Wright State University and certification as a residential interior designer from St. Mary’s University. Abby’s unique strength is her ability to understand and articulate customer issues for the Web audience. She dedicates her non-working time to her husband, two children, and to her passion for capturing and artistically interpreting the world’s beauty through photography.

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