Give Your Site Visitors What They Want

April 9, 2010 | Written by: jeffrey.friend | Filed under: Uncategorized

A week ago, a website visitor advised me that a specific link was not working on our new website. We fixed it, advised the visitor of the correction, apologized and moved on. WRONG!

Fixing it is fine, but I should have sent the visitor the information he wanted directly and swiftly. Slow to process, I got this idea too late.

Two days ago, a Client reported a site visitor was having difficulty downloading a piece of information from the Client’s site. Jeff Friend (lead developer) checked into the matter, determined there was no error, and advised the Client. He then took the additional step of sending the end-user a nice email that included the information she wanted to download. RIGHT!

We can’t assume that all of our site visitors are technically savvy or want to spend their valuable time going back to our websites to “try again”. When a request or concern comes in, don’t just fix it. Give the Customer what they want: information, a phone call or a referral. Do it quickly and do it right.

My apologies to Neal Wamsley…for not doing it right.

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