From Inspiration to Innovation

March 8, 2010 | Written by: Debra Friend | Filed under: Website Design,Working on the Web,Writing for the web

I’ve renewed my efforts to learn more about creativity. The deeper and broader I go into this subject, the more challenges, and inspiration I find.

The Unfamiliar
Some of the best sources for new thoughts that spark new ideas, is in the unfamiliar. Take a 2 hour break from your routine each week and visit a museum, a store, or a neighborhood you’ve not experienced before. Or, read a magazine or a few articles that are not within your usual scope of interest.

Often sights, sounds and feelings that are outside of and not subject to our usual filters can free your conscious mind to interpret a new experience with the gift of a new idea or insight. Always complete any new experience by asking “what did I learn from this?” and “how can I apply this”?

The Familiar
Sometimes, what’s needed for a creative breakthrough is immersion into a repetitive task. While the right side of your brain is busy working on something it already knows how to do, the left side of your brain is free to explore your interior landscape for new ideas and problem solving. Some of my most creative ideas come while I’m ironing.

What works for you?

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